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Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem and MS

March 29, 2013

Despite low energy today, I feel compelled to get back to writing this blog again. I’m too tired to head out side into the sun right now so I will bask in it from the inside.

A topic that has been on my mind since I showed up at my the first MS support group meeting I attend was regarding self-esteem. I noticed that I number of woman in the support group really struggled in this area. I can see how one’s self-confidence could feel knocked down or blindsided due to dealing with significant losses as part of living with MS.

It seems that those who are not able to work at a full or part-time job any longer are the ones who suffer from a lack of confidence and low self-esteem the most. I would imagine that if my life shifted to not be able to work part-time as I do now, I would be greatly impacted by that decision.

I believe having a life person is critical to ones happiness and joy whether it is a purpose associated with making a living or not. There is a woman in the support group who does not work, yet is actively involved as a volunteer for several organizations as well as she is a writer and artist. Although her and her spouse face stress around money, she is alive with passion in her live on many levels.

I know for myself. I have lived with issues around self-confidence all my life so being diagnosed and living with MS may have touched these feelings on a deeper level when I experience a relapse.

I don’t think generally dealing with MS in the present, now that I have come to a place of greater acceptance, impacts my self-confidence and self-esteem. Other emotions or sensitivities do like fear and grief. Both of these emotions in themselves can be very paralyzing.

I can see how living with fatigue would impact others lives to have energy to fulfill their passions. Fatigue has played a role in what I have the time and every to do and the level of passion I am able to bring forth.

What I am grateful for is my will to remains strong most of the time. When it doesn’t, I know it is time to surrender to what is. Although this can really suck at times, it has also be restorative for me.

As humans, whether we are challenged with the critical illness or not, our levels self-esteem and self-confidence will be impacted by past triggers and present circumstances. This is how we as humans can all find common ground no matter what our path is.


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