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MS Makes Good

March 15, 2012

Some people believe there is good that comes from every life experience. Although there is much about MS that really pisses me off, since I was diagnosed there are many things that have shifted for the better. That’s why I call this post, MS Makes Good because here are some of the things that I have benefited from as a result:

  • Started mediating regularly
  • Discovered Buddhism
  • Found out who my true friends are when I fall apart:)
  • My younger brother who doesn’t like to pick up the phone checks in with me regularly
  • When I have friends over for dinner, most of them wash my dishes afterwards
  • When I get a cold I actually like it because then I don’t notice the MS sypmtons for a few days
  • I am a much more compassionate human being
  • I have learned how to ask for help from family and friends
  • I now have a cleaning person who comes to my home twice a month
  • Working part-time is my new lifestyle – working full time is not an option
  • I have read more books in the past year than I have read in 10 years
  • When I tell people I am maxed, need to leave or what quiet time, they don’t take it personally
  • I got back into riding my bike and realized how happy it makes me
  • I am more in tune with body and my emotions
  • I experience a great deal more gratitude in my life every day
  • I have learned how to priorize what is important to me
  • I am leaving a great deal about self care and self love
  • I appreciate my alone time more than I ever have
  • I have so much love in my heart for my friends and family
  • And so much more…..

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