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Left Overs

March 2, 2012

I love left overs. It means, but not always the dishes have been washed from whatever I have made and now I get to simply enjoy taking something out of the fridge and heating it out. I don’t own a microwave because I think they are evil. As a friend of mine said, “who wants to eat food that is heated from the inside out”. For me, it’s more about that fact that I discovered how the micro – waves change the molecular structure of food while added the the radation that exists on the planet so this does not appeal to me at all.

I’m sure many people love left overs because it means one less meal to cook. For me it is so much bigger than that. Due to my struggle with low energy, it means not having to grocery shop, not having to leave the house, not having to do any or very little food prep, and it means I get to eat without much effort. Sometimes I don’t bother because it really takes energy I don’t feel I have which is a catch 22 because the energy from the food, definitely gives me energy.

I prefer not to eat processed foods yet sometimes I can’t deal with making a meal from scratch so I open a package of prepared indian food, add my own veggies and tad da – lunch. I steer away from bread, sugar and gluten as as much as possible. I know that having a clean, healthy and ideally organic diet is good for my body, mind and soul.

Sometimes I use food to jump start me even if I really just need to laydown and rest. It keeps me going. I love dark chocolate which is small amounts makes me feel happy and gives me a little boost.

When I have the motivation to juice – make a powerful organic mixture that my body loves. Here’s the recipe:

All organic

4 – 7 stocks celery

1/2 cucmber

1 inch ginger

1 inch burdock root

1/2 lemon

small handful cilantro

small handful parley

This juice is really powerful stuff and I like to drink it as often as possible. The biggest challenge I encounter is preparing it and then washing the machine afterwards. This deters me from doing it as often as I would like to plus, sometimes I run out of one ingredient and then I don’t make it for several days – other times I just go oh well – I’m missing something, it still gong to make my body happy so I make it anyway.

MS and my body really love it when I take extra special care and give myself the love and nuture it and I need. I believe food is a big part of my self care.


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