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Metal Mouth

February 19, 2012

I remember having braces as a young teenager. I’m sure someone proably called me metal mouth.

I never thought I would actually feel the taste or tanciness of metal in my mouth at the age of 46. It magically appeared after my MS diagnosis. It reminds me of how my life has changed. I don’t taste it all the time which is great. It’s mostly when I’m tired or feel worn down. In this way it is a gift because my body is letting me know that I need to take it easy and take good care of myself.

I asked someone in my support group about it. One of the participants said she thought it was because of the medication she is on. That would make sense. The only thing is I have chosen not to take injectibles to prevent future episodes. I have only had two relapses since I was diagnosed, although very upsetting, neither was serious. I feel I would like to see how things go before committing to this path. Plus I am self-employed and don’t have a medical plan to cover the costs plus I just don’t want to take them.

I am choosing a natural path to deal with my current health. The only precription drug I take specificially to help my fatigue is Amantadine. I only take it when I have a “big day” – like on Wednesday I had a client meeting that was quite important followed by a photoshoot so I took the drugs so I could function all day without rest or laying down. It does the trick yet I don’t feel as grounded so I prefer not to take the drugs unless I really feel it is necessary.



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